Mitte Studios Berlin

Production and Rehearsal
lities in Berlin, Mitte 

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Hardy Hard has been producing and performing since '91. Having worked with Artists such as Westbam, Moby, Afrika Bambaataa, Lady Waks and many others, I offer my knowledge and experience to producers in a soundproof production facility in the heart of Berlin. Workstation: Apple Logic Pro.


Clayde has been producing music and djing since 25+ years. Having experiences on severals DAWs such as Studio One, Reaper, Cubase, Bitwig or Ableton Live, he can assist you on your prefererred workstation.



Bert Pfeffercorn is a professional musicteacher who also has been writing scores for movies such as "Der Medicus" and is teaching the piano at a Berlin music school. He likes to assist and to be part of musical development. He is always happy to provide you with his skills.